Bundle pack - 5 stickers for the price of 4 | 11.20€

By default you'll get these five stickers for the price of four:
- Bomba 9x5.6cm
- Pinstripe 9x7.9cm
- Three-Wheelin' 9x6cm

- Volksrod 9x8.5cm
- Taildragger 8x6cm

If you want to create a custom bundle instead, then simply list what you want in the notes field when checking out (the notes field is located under the Shipping section there).
You can choose from all the available stickers and it can be in whatever configuration, whether it be all five of the same design or three of the same plus different designs for the rest of the two or however you want it to be, as long as it's five items.

All our stickers are printed on high-quality vinyl and laminated, so they can withstand outdoor conditions, both sunshine and snow.

When printing stickers, no toxic inks are used, so they're suitable for offices, homes, children's rooms, schools and kindergartens.

Stickers-only shipping 7.50€
International tracked delivery (when ordering other stuff too) 9.80€

Self-service lockers, Estonia only:
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DPD  4.50€

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